So many people around us are consumed with all aspects of their lives, except what’s going into their mouths. Soccer Games, Appointments, Getting to Work on Time, and Money that they are bringing in all seem to be on the top of their lists. This blog was created to show healthy recipes, and eats through out the day, that even a money hungry society can appreciate and should consider.

I give you Wealthy In Health 🙂

Meet Amanda,

I’m a 19 year old Florida Native – and college student hoping to keep a 4.0 GPA

I’m a premed (which means I have no life)- and while being so, the lack of what went into my mouth suffered (In the beginning, that is 😉 ).  Like every college student I put on the freshman 15, than the freshman 30 😦 – Yes somehow I managed to gain 30 pounds through bad eating habits formed whilst I was hurrying from paper to paper to textbook assignment to paper….

So, with that being said this will also show you how I continue to lose that last little bit of the “Freshman curse” and keep it off through healthy eating.


More to come ❤


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